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Crystal Lake, Montana

Originally posted on KUL Magazine.


Over Labor day weekend, my friends and I decided to drive 4 hours from Bozeman to Lewis and Clark National Forest. Honestly, we just wanted to be outdoors before the heavy workload started piling in. As a virgin camper, I had no idea what to do; my friends had to do all the work in the rain while I stood there ‘providing morale support’ by singing I’ll Make A Man Out Of You from Mulan.

When we woke up the next day, our tent was covered in frost. Everything outside was covered in this thick, alluring sheen of mist. What better to do than go paddle boarding in the midst of a barely visible lake? And that’s exactly what we did for the next two days.

When I look back at the photos we took, it is unbelievable how different they were. Some were like a scene from The Hobbit *starts humming Misty Mountains*; some were like an excerpt from Enid Blyton – blue skies, fairies and positive vibes.

If you ever happen to be driving around the States, please don’t forget to give Montana some love. We’re filled with endless mountain ranges. If some outdoor fun is what you are looking for, we have everything you need.

Tip of the day: Wake up early. Explore. Wander in the mist.





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