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Tojinbo 東尋坊, Japan

Located in the Echizen-Kaga Quasi-National Park, Tojinbo is a series of basaltic cliffs that stretches over 1km. The basaltic rocks were formed approximate 12 million years ago during the Miocene Epoch from various volcanic activities. However, it was erosion that contributed to its distinct appearance.

As per any beautiful landmark/monument, Tojinbo has its own legend. It is said that the name Tojinbo originates from a Buddhist monk that fell in love with a princess. He was tricked by the princess’s admirer and was pushed off the cliffs, causing his vengeful ghost to go on rampage around the area, causing strong winds and rain.

Often crowded with tourists, Tojinbo is truly a sight to see. Up north from Tojinbo is Oshima Island – one of the biggest islands along the Echizen coast is also around the area. Down south from Tojinbo is Kochomon – the largest cave along the area. Linking these landmarks together are a series of nature walks with occasional side paths that allow exploration of the caves by the cliffs, but it is often closed during times of high tide. During winter time, there is a phenomenon that happens in the park thats known as “Nami-no-hana” or flowers of waves. They occur when the waves are caught in the reefs and churn into bubbles that the violent winds then fan up in to the air.

Getting there:

Tojinbo is pretty difficult to get to unless you have a car to drive. My host – Souichirou volunteered to drive me there, but I had the worst time ever trying to get back home.

The train station is around an hours walk away from the cliff, but there are scheduled buses that would take you to the station. The train station you would want to get to is: Mikuni Station. After that, get on the Keifuku Bus to Tojinbo (approx. 10 mins). Alternatively, you can go to JR Awara Onsen Station. The bus from the station to Tojinbo is around 30 mins.

Cost and hours:

Free. Open all day, everyday.

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