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Great Salt Lake, Utah

Over thanksgiving break in 2016, me and my friends – Double and MiHwa – decided to take a trip down to Salt Lake City, Utah for well.. food. It was to be a  4 day trip and since Salt Lake City is just 6 hours away from Bozeman, the two of them took turns driving while I co-piloted the whole way.

The Great Salt Lake is the largest salt water lake in the Western hemisphere and is home to millions of animals, most notably bird species and brine shrimps. The lake is a hyper-saline lake, often varying from 5% – 27% in salinity (as a comparison, the average salinity of the world’s oceans are 3.5% and 33.7% in the Dead Sea). Situated by the lake’s banks is the capital of Utah, also known as Salt Lake City (SLC), which was founded by Brigham Young and numerous other Mormon followers in 1847. Currently, it is home to the headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

During the summer, a wide range of activities can be done at the Great Salt Lake, including: swimming, sunbathing, sailing and kayaking. It is also good to note that Antelope Island State Park offers great facilities for camping and picnicking.

For more information, you could check out their website.

Getting there:

As per any place in America, it’s difficult to travel around without a car – From wherever you are, try getting onto I-80W and take exit 140. Keep on driving until you see the marina where you pay an entrance fee of $1/pax.

 Our visit to the Great Salt Lake was phenomenal! The skies were SUPER blue and the view was just spectacular (everything was perfect.. except for the stench of rotting brine shrimp that lingered throughout the whole beach. It smelled like the public toilets in National Parks where its a deep hole that only gets cleaned once a year). I’m pretty sure both MiHwa and Double enjoyed it a lot. We took a lot of other pictures, but those are mostly on Instagram, so drop on by and say hi if you’re interested!


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