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My name is Alicia and I’m currently a Junior pursuing my Bachelors in Conservation Biology and Ecology in Montana State University. Last year, before coming over to the U.S., I decided to take some time off school to travel solo in Japan. And that was when this blog started.

One of my favorite pass times is to travel – I can’t be in a specific location without going for some form of adventure every 3 months or so, that’s my limit. And that’s partially one of the reasons I chose to study in Montana. What better place than the mountains? The mountains are the perfect place to hike and snowshoe.

Other than traveling, I enjoy baking. My go-tos are always cheesecakes, but being away from home, I tend to bake/cook a lot of asian cuisines as well. Perhaps we could incorporate something here, eh?

Hopefully I’ll be able to make this into a lifestyle journal with recipes, adventures, thoughts and gradually evolve from there. Please follow on and do leave comments!