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About me

“The good life of any river may depend on the perception of its music; and the preservation of some music to perceive.” – Aldo Leopold

Hi there!! I’m guessing you’re here because you’re wondering who I am and what this website is all about, so let’s just get straight into it.

I’m Alicia Leow, a 22 year old Malaysian who’s currently living in Germany.

Currently, I’m doing my masters in Environmental Sciences in the Rheinland-Palatinate region of Germany. Before coming here, I spent a few years doing my bachelors in Ecology in Big Sky Country —- Montana.

I created this website during the Spring of 2015 to catalogue my solo-backpacking journey in Japan. At that time, I honestly believed  that I could be super consistent with my content, but that didn’t end the way I expected it to – I took a 9 month gap right after that, hah, talk about consistency.

Hopefully, you might then say:” hey, at least you’re still updating this ABOUT page!”, which brings us back to the whole conversation. You see, other than traveling and cooking, I’m very passionate about the environment (heck, I spent 4 years studying it – that’s some determination right there, RIGHT?)


I’m sorry if it’s really lengthy, thanks for staying, but I’m almost done here. I’m still trying to figure everything out, but hopefully, I’ll get to have some consistent content that would be enlightening for y’all! Feel free to email me at if you have any ideas!



Alicia Leow




Updated: April 2017