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Gaia Project

Update (04/25/2017):

I’m still trying to plan everything out (I’m still at the stages of thinking for a web url for the platform. my mind might be too basic for the internet, oops.) BUT, I’ll make sure to be updating everybody on the project here on this blog. As of right now, I’ve made the first steps to talking to my professors, sending emails out for input and stuffs of that sort. This platform might just turn into something that’s bigger than what I originally thought. Once I get everything figured out, I’ll launch it on my social media channels and hopefully it gets to my desired audience.



The background story:

It was during a climate change class when I had the idea to start a platform on informing individuals about issues on our environment and lifestyle choices. As a soon-to-be graduate, I thought that it would be a good project to have after graduation. Not only to take what I’ve learned in the past 4 years into action, but also contributing to the growing effort to spread scientific knowledge.

Personally, I was never truly exposed to climate change and environmental issues until I began studying in America. Back home, there are other issues that were ‘more’ important – problems with the government, security of the country, etc. However, upon being exposed to all these new information, it dawned on me that our reaction to climate change must be done as soon as possible. The tipping point is coming too near, and too soon for us to procrastinate any longer.

I hope that this project somewhat informs you of the various problems that are currently occurring due to climate change, and what little changes in our lifestyles would contribute to halting or prolonging the due date of our world. In another sense, this project is for my family, who still have no idea what I’m studying and what I plan to do for a living.